• Covid-19 Protective Measures

Covid-19 Protective Measures

For the months to come, and as long as circumstances require, our hotel will take additional measures in compliance with the provisions of the country's health protocols to strengthen the trust and safety of our guests and our own.



All staff members have undergone appropriate training.



*Provision of personal protective equipment to all staff members.

*Hand sanitizers available for guests and staff in all common areas of the hotel.



*Appropriate signage in all common areas of the hotel.

*Appropriate table and seating arrangements in our hotel facilities.



*The hotel uses approved disinfectants with virucidal and bactericidal activity suitable for SARS-Cov-2.

* Staff members use the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.

*A steam disinfector is used to disinfect textile surfaces.

*Decorative items are removed.

*Daily room cleaning service is the policy of our hotel. However, there is the possibility to reduce the frequency upon request.

*Linen changing every 3 days, depending on the room type.

*The room is disinfected at each departure using the cold fogging method.



*Frequent cleaning of common areas and surfaces with approved products, with particular attention to high-touch surfaces.

*A steam disinfector is used to disinfect textile surfaces.

* Frequent disinfection of tables and seats.

* It is recommended that guests avoid using public toilets.




*To protect public health and for any necessary contact tracing, we maintain accommodation logs and an incident book.

*Markings on the floor of the reception area to keep distances.

*CHECK OUT in agreement with the reception to avoid overcrowding.

* Keys and cards are disinfected after each use with a special machine.

* Work surfaces and shared objects are disinfected.

*Complete first aid kit available at the reception area.

*Guests are informed of any changes to the services provided.




* Compliance with HACCP regulations for food preparation by the kitchen staff.

* No entry for unauthorized persons into the kitchen area.

* Staff members take all necessary hand hygiene measures, use protective equipment, and keep a safe distance.

* Maximum number of guests allowed in the breakfast area is defined as the number resulting from the ratio of one guest per 1.5 m².

* Breakfast is served outdoors, unless the weather conditions do not allow it, in which case the measures required by the legislation for indoor areas will be observed.

* Maximum number of seated persons per table six (6).


Our hotel implements a plan to handle any suspected case based on the Health Protocol of our country.

Treatment of a suspected case is carried out in cooperation with a physician and a microbiological laboratory for testing.

In agreement with the reception, guests can make an appointment with the cooperating microbiological laboratory to get tested for COVID-19 by molecular test (PCR TEST) or rapid test (RAPID TEST).


Plan for handling a Covid-19 suspected case

Should a guest meet the clinical criteria for classification as a Covid-19 case, the following applies:

  • The person responsible for health issues at the hotel immediately contacts the cooperating physician, who assesses the situation, gives instructions and contacts the National Public Health Organization (EODY) to report the suspected case.
  • The suspected case is advised to remain isolated in his/her room with the room door closed.
  • A patient who develops symptoms of respiratory infection (coughing, sneezing, runny nose) is immediately provided with a simple surgical mask and tissues.
  • In case there is an attendant who wishes to stay with the patient to take care of him/her, the attendant is provided with a simple surgical mask and is advised to wash his/her hands and follow the rules.
  • Access to the patient's room without an important reason is to be avoided; in case of emergency, assistance will be provided to any suspected case by a staff member in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Used protective equipment is disposed of in a covered trash can and is not reused.
  • After disposing of the protective equipment, washing and disinfecting of hands is carried out.
  • The Hotel Management will ensure that sufficient infection control supplies are available to hotel staff: Soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizers, tissues, simple surgical masks, disposable gloves, thermometers, waste bags, and surface cleaning supplies.


In the event that a staff member develops symptoms, he/she will stay home, be examined, and then the necessary procedure will be followed as required by law.

We wish you a safe and pleasant stay at our hotel.

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